GSMA Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2020 Report Launch Panel

Wednesday 22 Jul 2020 |

GSMA Mobile  Economy Asia Pacific 2020 Report Launch Panel image

Across the Asia Pacific, the mobile industry stepped up to the Covid-19 challenge, highlighting the need for a robust digital ecosystem. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the regional economy as well as on the digital ecosystem.

One area affected is 5G, which is at a crucial early stage and at the cusp of scaling across the region. With Covid-19 impacting both deployments and uptake, we forecast a 20% drop in 5G connections in 2020 compared to previous expectations.

Meanwhile, 60% of the region’s population is currently without access to the mobile internet, and the pandemic has highlighted how detrimental the digital divide is, particularly in times of crisis. With 700 million new mobile internet users expected by 2025, cooperation between the mobile industry and policymakers will prove crucial in ensuring digital resilience and reliable connectivity in the long term.

The key stakeholders of the mobile industry and industry experts came together for a panel session on 21 July 2020 to discuss findings from the Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2020 report and outline their views on the state of mobile connectivity and key trends in the region.

The recording of the panel session and the Q&A log are viewable at the following link for the next 30 days:

Panel Video Recording

Q&A Log

The Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2020 report is available for download at