GSMA contributes to the development of the ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025

Thursday 29 Oct 2020 |

GSMA contributes to the development of the ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025 image

The vision of ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025 (ADM 2025) is to form ASEAN into “a leading digital community and economic bloc, powered by secure and transformative digital services, technologies and ecosystem.” In furtherance of making that vision a reality, GSMA has been invited to provide input in the formation of ADM 2025. GSMA’s responses have focused on digital connectivity and the need for a conducive regulatory environment that ensures a level-playing field across the sector and offers stability to encourage investment. GSMA looks forward to continue this dialogue with ASEAN as the ADM drafting process continues.

Earlier this year, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), who is responsible for coordinating responses, asked GSMA to contribute to the development of the ADM 2025. This offered a great opportunity for GSMA and its members to present pro-industry policies in ASEAN while also opening the door to further discussions where GSMA could offer its expertise. Working closely with its members, GSMA submitted its response, which focused on ways ASEAN can foster Intelligent Connectivity and how it will benefit ASEAN.

After a Covid-19-related pause in the process, a questionnaire was sent to relevant stakeholders to obtain views on the current and future state of ICT in ASEAN to jumpstart the process. GSMA, in consultation with its members, submitted a detailed response, focusing on transparent and rational spectrum deployment, a fair regulatory environment, and a predictable investment climate to encourage sustainable investment. GSMA emphasized the importance of ASEAN nations taking a Whole of Government Approach to better coordinate the development and implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

GSMA is pleased to be involved in the planning of ADM 2025 and believes that its involvement will lead to an ADM 2025 which takes into account the vital role the mobile industry plays in providing Intelligent Connectivity. The growing emphasis on Intelligent Connectivity will see digital technologies play an even more crucial role in enhancing society’s social and economic wellbeing as more countries develop Industry 4.0 and unlock new processes with 5G.