GSMA Tech4Girls Mobile App Development Workshop in Taipei – powered by Verizon

Friday 19 Mar 2021 |

GSMA Tech4Girls Mobile App Development Workshop in Taipei – powered by Verizon image

In September 2019, the GSMA took Tech4Girls to the EQUALS Global Partnership for Digital Gender Equality, to scale the initiative globally.  This partnership enabled the expansion of Tech4Girls by leveraging EQUALS members’ expertise in creating a training approach that has lasting educational impact. Working with these members and main donor, Verizon, we rolled out a series of socially distanced and virtual workshops in 2020 and 2021, training 442 underserved girls and young women across five countries.

The workshops, which took place in Kenya, Pakistan, Taiwan, Trinidad, Jamaica, and the US, ranged from one-day events to five-week courses, during which participants learnt about different technologies, heard from industry experts, and gained a better understanding of the life-changing possibilities of careers in tech. The aim is to make younger females feel welcome and empowered in the industry and to overcome gender barriers in relation to access, and use of, digital technologies. This important work will shape the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring that this new group provides the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.

The recent GSMA Tech4Girls Mobile App Development Workshop in Taiwan on 13 March 2021 was a great success. This workshop was supported by Verizon, EQUALs, Cisco Networking Academy and Tatung University. Participants enjoyed welcome remarks by Miss Shan Shan Huang, Deputy Mayor of Taipei, and Cynthia Lin, Senior Director of Verizon Media.