APAC Digital Leaders Champion Interview Shorts – Ian Watson, CEO, Cellcard

Friday 23 Oct 2020 |

The aim of the APAC Digital Leaders Champion program is to promote and champion the innovation and business leadership of leading CEOs and digital leaders from across the APAC region. As part of this program, a series of short interviews have been developed.

In this interview, Julian Gorman, Head of APAC GSMA, and Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard, has discussed the following topics:

  • The digital strategy of Cellcard in leading the charge to have Cambodia become one of the most inclusive digital societies in Southeast Asia
  • The opportunities that Ian sees in digital technologies development in the post-COVID era and his strategy to ensure Cellcard is at the forefront of the digital transformation
  • The strategy of Cellcard in esports and gaming in Cambodia and in the Southeast Asian region
  • Ian’s passion and leadership in the area of gaming and esports