Tech4Girls 3D Digital Design online CAD workshop

Tuesday 28 Apr 2020 |

During this COVID19 lockdown period, the GSMA Asia Pacific hosted an online STEM workshop for 20 student girls in Hong Kong on April 26 to support the International Girls for ICT Day on April 23. We worked with the Church of Grace in Resurrection, an NGO in Hong Kong, and STEMex learning center to recruit students in the age of 8-11 from the community.

This hands-on workshop is created for young female participants to understand 3D digital design with online CAD so as to result in a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Students learned how to use Autodesk TinkerCAD to design an object of their choice, to construct their designs and work with different dimensions, scales, and rotations. A sophisticated object was made from the combination of a number of simple shapes and then printed three-dimensionally. It opened these student girls to a new world of design and build!