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By combining IoT devices and connectivity with cloud computing, diagnostic, monitoring, and analytics platforms, we can help you generate portfolio-wide energy savings and efficiencies. The result is better facilities maintenance / management with a Single Pane of Glass view of your entire portfolio.

AT&T IoT Professional Services cover a full spectrum of energy management enablers, including:

  • Designing and deploying IoT sensors, tools, and facilities analytics dashboards
  • Connecting building and management systems
  • Integrating electric meters and waste metering tools
  • Capturing sensor, environmental, and control data for trend analysis
  • Monitoring facilities and equipment use for maximum efficiency
  • Generating operational insights for an optimal building management program

The benefits of an Energy and Building Management Solution (EBMS) engagement include:

  • Reducing energy use across entire physical asset base
  • Driving operational agility using near-real-time IoT Data
  • Employing Big Data Analytics for actionable insights
  • Ensuring predictable building and facility maintenance tasks
  • Extending HVAC systems and control lifecycles


AT&T has practical and deep experience capturing actionable sensor data on internal energy use. Nearly 250,000 AT&T managed locations — including 2,500 occupied buildings — are monitored. Data is continuously collected from 80,000 HVAC units and analyzed for performance optimization opportunities across all heating and cooling assets. The result is enhanced comfort, safety, productivity, and less energy use.

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Our managed locations’ electricity intensity (as measured in Megawatt Hours per Petabyte (MWh/PB)of data carried over its global network) has declined nearly five-fold over eight years, from a 2008 baseline of 655 MWh/Petabyte to 139 MWh/Petabyte in 2016. The current target is 93 MWh/PB by EOY 2020, a seven-fold improvement over the 2008 baseline. Energy costs in that year were $700M.

AT&T has also achieved a 15% reduction in operating expenses, including reduced manpower for maintenance and repairs. Human equipment inspection rounds are no longer the norm. Instead, sensors detect potential faults and monitor critical equipment health. These generate automated dispatch prompts for maintenance teams to make equipment service rounds in an orderly and predictable manner.

Based on the success AT&T has enjoyed to date, AT&T IoT Professional Services can bring you some of this know-how and get you started with an IoT-enabled energy management Proof-of-Concept trial. Using well-developed and documented IoT solutions, let us design a pilot project that generates actionable insights. Start leveraging IoT data today to reduce your building and infrastructure energy use.


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