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China Mobile Case Study

Application of Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling in China Mobile

To help support the reduction of emissions and energy consumption in 2021, China Mobile piloted the use of single-phase liquid immersion cooling technology in the access network. All ICT equipment, such as wireless, transmission, IT and power supply, were completely immersed in one liquid cooling system, which was called “All in One” design scheme. The heat from equipment operations was taken away through the circulating liquid flows, which directly exchange heat with the atmosphere.

The pilot test had been carefully designed, and fully verified in terms of the matching between ICT equipment and liquid coolers, equipment interface layouts, electric insulation design, light attenuation indicators, operation and maintenance methods, etc. The equipment rooms were replaced by equipment cabinets, which eliminated the need for air conditioning compressors.

The pilot program has shown a reduction in intensity, increased energy efficient, and safety. Firstly, it can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the heat dissipation system, which can reduce PUE of the computer room to 1.1 or below, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent. Secondly, it can achieve high power density deployment of equipment while reducing computer room space and auxiliary facilities. Thirdly, it helps to eliminate noise, vibration, dust, static electricity, and improves system reliability and environmental friendliness. Moreover, it can also be coupled with waste heat recovery devices for hot water, heating and other daily needs.

In the next stage, China Mobile will advocate for the liquid cooling industry to technically standardise to make telecom operations greener. Greater contributions of China Mobile can be expected as a part of global response to climate change.


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