Wind turbines

Lenovo Case Study

Lenovo believes corporations need to base their climate reduction goals in climate science to ensure goals are measurable and achievable.

Lenovo has set ambitious, measurable targets. In addition to setting 2030 Science-Based targets, Lenovo will remove one million tons of Green House Gas emissions from its supply chain by FY 2025/26. By 2030, Lenovo will decrease scope 1 & 2 emissions by 50% and decrease emissions intensity in three key categories of the value chain by 25%. By 2025, 90% of Lenovo's operations' electricity will come from renewable resources and we will remove one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from their supply chain.

Their emissions are measured consistently by the environmental affairs teams and reported in the annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report and also disclosed via the CDP climate change platform.

They are calling on governments to do more to encourage corporations to not just set emissions reduction goals, but ensure that they align to SBTi methodology for accuracy and appropriate level of ambition to align with the latest climate science.



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