End poverty in all its forms everywhere


We can use connectivity to bridge the human divides and create socio-economic opportunity. Expanding mobile access to the internet will accelerate economic growth and create new opportunities for every community. We are leading the mobile revolution to create banking solutions for the unbanked with mobile money services to help move people out of poverty.


  1. Mobile Money Savings Groups in Uganda

    'Airtel Weza' an innovative mobile money solution for savings groups. 

  2. Life Stories: Jaipal, Remote Rural Community, India

    The accurate and reliable way to get farming related information in rural India.

  3. Life Stories: Connecting Rural Tanzania

    In a move to bolster harvests, Tigo, in partnership with Technoserve, are beta-trialling an agricultural advice service called m-Kilimo (‘farmer’).

  4. Life Stories: Job information services on the Palestinian West Bank

    Souktel partners with the World Bank and the Palestinian Ministry of Education to launch a mobile JobMatch service.

  5. Life Stories: Plugging the information gap

    Shula has had her mobile for seven years and it has quickly become a vital part of her small business.

  6. mFarm Kenya

    For many low-volume Kenyan farmers, the only source of information for crop market rates comes from the very people who are trying to buy them. 

  7. Life Stories: Mobile birth registration in Uganda

    In most countries, proof of identity is essential yet in some areas, as low as 21% of children are registered at birth.

  8. Transforming Women’s Lives Through Mobile Innovation

    For women living in developing countries, a mobile phone is a lifeline.

  9. mFarm Kenya: Mobile Market Access

    Allowing farmers access prices and connect with buyers using their mobile phones.

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