Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all


The mobile industry enables intelligent water management solutions that reduce consumption, conserving the global water supply. We further support innovation that can unlock commercially sustainable business models to deliver energy, water and sanitation services in emerging markets.

Our industry promotes new pathways to connect people to affordable and reliable utility services. Mobile networks can open up access to water supply and alternate payment solutions.


  1. The Origin Project

    Etisalat raising awareness on the need for water conservation in Egypt.

  2. Leveraging mobile networks for more toilets and higher incomes for Cambodians

    A story about how smartphones play a big part in reducing the number of people who lack access to clean sanitation.

  3. Uniting sanitation and mobile services in Madagascar

    Developing an ICT platform and mobile app using mobile networks to gather and transmit information on toilet servicing and waste management.

  4. Using mobile technology to deliver better services: Sanergy’s partnership with GSMA and SweetSense Inc.

    The GSMA has been supporting Sanergy, using sensors to optimize their waste-collection process.

  5. NextDrop: Improving water supplies in India

    Customer journey & water supply timing in India.

  6. Preparing for the Unexpected: Ooredoo responds to a Water Crisis in the Maldives

    Fire breaks out and cuts off drinking water to over 150,000 people.

  7. Working to Improve Water Access

    Mobile technology works to improve water services that are intermittent, unreliable, and potentially unsafe.

  8. Sanitation Challenges and How Mobile Channels Can Help

    GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities Programme: The Role of Mobile in Improved Sanitation Access.

  9. The synergies between mobile, water and energy in Africa

    African mobile markets have an increasing impact on economies and populations.

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