Reduce inequality within and among countries


We create opportunity through connecting communities and expanding the digital world. For many marginalized groups around the world, mobile is the first step to inclusive participation in a connected society. Mobile has a key transformational role in providing formal identity and access to banking.

Around four billion people are not connected to the internet, excluding them from social and economic opportunities. Globally, two billion people remain unbanked. Proof of identity is a prerequisite to socio-economic development and essential to accessing basic services.

Our industry is creating a platform for information, social improvement, jobs, businesses and growth. Through the power of mobile we are creating a ubiquitous mobile money ecosystem, increasing financial inclusion and ecosystem, and enabling digital identity.


  1. Your Phone is Now a Refugee’s Phone

    How do refugees making the perilous trip to Europe use their phones to help with the journey?

  2. T.um mobile: Bridging Digital Divides

    Traveling ICT museum combines cutting-edge IT technology and a mobile communications service.

  3. Find out how today’s refugees rely on their smartphones

    UNHCR's Hive project on why mobile phones - and online social networking platforms - are so essential to refugees.

  4. Ericsson: Connect To Learn Making a Difference in Myanmar

    21,000 students will benefit in the first two years, of which more than half are girls.

  5. Verizon: Inspiring First-of-its-kind Initiative #youdontknowme

    Mentoring for young men of colour in grades 6 to 9 to inspire them to pursue STEM careers.

  6. Enabling Public Health Strategies in the Gulf

    The GSMA has recognised the potential of, and urgent need for, mHealth solutions in the UAE and other nations in the Gulf. 

  7. Testing Mobile diabetes solutions

    Ten-day cycle tour designed to test how innovative mobile health solutions can help both people better manage their diabetes.

  8. Reconnecting Refugees through Mobile: Refugees United’s Platform and Partnerships

    Providing humanitarian relief through deployment of portable cell restoration solution to enable communications in disaster areas.

  9. Life Stories: Jaipal, Remote Rural Community, India

    The accurate and reliable way to get farming related information in rural India.

  10. Life Stories: Job information services on the Palestinian West Bank

    Souktel partners with the World Bank and the Palestinian Ministry of Education to launch a mobile JobMatch service.

  11. KT: GiGA Island – Korea

    Giga Island has enabled language lessons through tablets and mobile phones for children.

  12. mFarm Kenya

    For many low-volume Kenyan farmers, the only source of information for crop market rates comes from the very people who are trying to buy them. 

  13. Bridging the mobile gender gap in India

    Telenor Group’s subsidiary in India is tackling this gender disparity with Project Sampark.

  14. Life Stories: Mobile Alert System for Schools in Gaza

    Souktel creates an SMS alert/survey system that warns parents and their children danger near schools.

  15. Telstra lead the way on reconciliation and inclusion for indigenous Australians

    Committed to achieving positive educational, health and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

  16. Project ‘Yes I can!’ is developing and promoting potential of the young disadvantaged

    Helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds act independently and with self-confidence.

  17. Transforming Women’s Lives Through Mobile Innovation

    For women living in developing countries, a mobile phone is a lifeline.

  18. T.um mobile: Traveling ICT museum to bridge digital divide in South Korea

    SK Telecom's campaign to address Korea’s regionalized digital divide.

  19. mFarm Kenya: Mobile Market Access

    Allowing farmers access prices and connect with buyers using their mobile phones.

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