Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


Mobile operators are reducing energy use and adopting more energy efficient practices. Our networks can be used for the sharing of best practice methodology and encourage the use of green technologies to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 40 million tonnes annually. By shining a light on best practice and sharing knowledge, mobile operators will help communities reduce their climatic and environmental impact.


  1. Ericsson Connected Mangroves – Malaysia

    World first project where mangroves are being monitored in real-time, enabling better management of new sapling growth.

  2. The Origin Project

    Etisalat raising awareness on the need for water conservation in Egypt.

  3. AT&T: Tackling Water Conservation

    HydroPoint and AT&T working together to tackle an increasingly large problem - water conservation.

  4. The Electricity Grid of the Future

    Telekom Slovenije and its partners meeting the communication requirements of the future electricity supply grid.

  5. Real-time monitoring and control of Japanese Utilities with 4G

    In Japan, mobile operator KDDI is using 4G networks to provide advanced metering infrastructure services.

  6. Building for the Future, Dubai

    A pioneer of smart building technology reducing the Emirate’s energy bills and its impact on the environment.

  7. Preparing for Disaster: An Analysis of Turkcell’s Disaster Management System

    Outlining Turkcell’s motivation for developing comprehensive disaster management plans.

  8. Rainforest Connection: preventing deforestation

    An amazing initiative set up by Californian Physicist Topher White to safeguard the future of our planet.

  9. Smarter Cities

    ‘Smart city’ initiatives focus on using technology to make it easier to live, navigate and do business.

  10. Vodafone: Instant Network Emergency Response

    Without communications, aid agencies struggle to assess damage and coordinate rescue and relief efforts.

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