AI4I Webinar Series (4) : Mobile Big Data Analytics – Sustainability & Funding

AI4I Webinar Series (4) : Mobile Big Data Analytics – Sustainability & Funding

Start: Friday 25 September 2020 11:30

End: Friday 25 September 2020 12:30

The fourth webinar in the AI4I webinar series; ‘Mobile Big Data Analytics – Sustainability & Funding took place on Friday 25 September. 


As COVID-19 continues to impact people around the world, governments are trying to protect lives whilst maintaining economic viability, and they are seeking innovative and dynamic solutions to make the right decisions at the right time. Mobile big data analytics can help inform decisions that can save lives and reduce the negative impacts experienced by communities.

Building on the policy, privacy and technical considerations already presented in the webinar series; this webinar highlighted the importance of sustainability in the delivery of mobile analytics based services. Showcasing some of the insights that can be realised, and the importance of appropriate funding to support MNO innovation and investment in capabilities to deliver these insights. Also, looking beyond the initial investment, the importance of appropriate funding to sustain services to deliver value over the long term.’

The session covered the following areas:
– Relevance of sustainability in context of mobile big data analytics
– Potential impact of mobile big data analytics solutions
– Ways of funding via sustainable business models

The webinar provided a deeper level of understanding for operators, governments and NGOs seeking to develop and adopt impactful mobile big data products and services to aid decision-making to combat COVID-19 and beyond.

The audience for this webinar included operators and governments seeking to develop and adopt impactful mobile big data products and services to aid decision making.

GSMA AI for Impact (AI4I)

The GSMA AI for Impact (AI4I) accelerator programme brings together a Global Task Force of mobile operators and Advisory Panel members to explore, develop and scale mobile big data analytics and AI, to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

 The AI4I Webinar Series 2020

This webinar series provides a platform to learn about AI for Impact, and how mobile data analytics can be used to support decision making to combat COVID-19. Learn from experts on key topics, hear from mobile operator on examples of latest projects and find out more with practical GSMA tools and resources to empower and support government and operator collaboration.

The AI4I Global Insights are funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and supported by the GSMA and its members.


Welcome & Introduction 
Robert Childs, Strategic Engagement Lead, AI4I, GSMA


Meaning and relevance of sustainability and funding in context of mobile big data analytics
Hilary Kemp, Strategic Product Director, AI4I. GSMA


Panel discussion

  • The impact of mobile big data analytics solutions
  • The value of sustainability and preparedness
  • Sharing operational experiences
  • Dr. Richard Benjamins, Chief AI & Data Strategist, Telefonica
  • Mohammad Chowdhury, Partner, PwC Australia
  • Manuel Garcia Herranz, Chief Scientist, UNICEF


Audience Q&A


Summary, Closing Remarks and Resources
Robert Childs, Strategic Engagement Lead, AI4I, GSMA


Robert Childs

Strategic Engagement Lead, AI for Impact, GSMA

Rob Childs is the Strategic Engagement Lead for the AI for Impact initiative, at the GSMA, leading activity to develop and scale adoption of mobile big data analytics. Prior to joining the AI4I team Rob worked with a global focus on IoT technologies in Digital Health/mHealth, engaging with GSMA members and the broader ecosystem to accelerate the delivery of new connected devices and services addressing interoperability, regulatory issues and IoT security. Rob has supported numerous initiatives, such as the European Commission programme United4Health, ITU m-Powering Development mHealth working group and the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development mHealth working group. Rob has also represented the GSMA as member of the EC eHealth Stakeholder Group.

Prior to joining the GSMA, Rob worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry specialising in Market Intelligence, Sales Strategy & Business Analysis, advising Pharmaceutical Companies across Europe on their sales and marketing implementation strategies.

Hilary Kemp

Strategic Product Director, AI4I, GSMA

Dr. Richard Benjamins

Chief AI & Data Strategist , Telefonica

Author of Among the 100 most influential people in data-driven business (DataIQ 100). Former Group Chief Data Officer at AXA (Insurance). 10+ years of experience at Telefonica in several management positions related to Big Data and Analytics. Co-founder of start-up and NGO. Frequent speaker on Data and Artificial Intelligence events. Member of the B2G data-sharing Expert Group of the EC. Author of

His passion lies with creating value from data. Commercial value, but also value for the society: he is the founder of Telefonica’s Big Data for Social Good department. He currently works on how to make Data & AI sustainable from a business, societal and ethical perspective. He is a strategic advisor to BigML – a startup to put Machine Learning in the hands of businesspeople, and to Focus360.

Manuel Garcia Herranz

Chief Scientist, UNICEF

Focus on bridging the gap between Data Science and the most vulnerable, exploring how to apply Big Data, Complex Systems theory, and Artificial Intelligence to help the most deprived and invisible. Fields of application at UNICEF Office of Innovation include growing humanitarian problems such as epidemics, natural disasters, and migration as well as transversal issues such as poverty, data representativeness and algorithmic equity.

Manuel holds a PhD in computer science from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid where he worked for almost 10 years. After some stints at Carnegie Mellon University and UCSD, he joined UNICEF Innovation in 2014. Since then has been working to bring the value of Big Data to UNICEF, leading research at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation and creating collaboration networks and Data Science tools that focus on the problems of the most vulnerable children.

Mohammad Chowdhury

Partner , PwC, Australia

Mohammad is a Partner at PwC Australia and a member of the firm’s global Telecom, Media and Technology leadership team and has previously held senior roles at Vodafone Group and IBM.  Mohammad focuses on the intersection of technology, industry and society on Growth and Inclusion, new technologies such as 5G and IoT, and industry reforms.

He has worked in 86 countries with telcos, governments, the World Bank, GSMA, WEF and UN Broadband Commission. Mohammad lives in Melbourne with his wife and two sons.

He is passionate about inclusion and his book, Border Crossings: My Journey as a Western Muslim, publishes in 2021.