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Rainforest Connection is an amazing initiative set up by Californian Physicist Topher White to safeguard the future of our planet – and make people more aware about a global issue that will affect future generations.

Deforestation is the second highest contribution to climate change, and in most cases it is extremely difficult to localise and spot illegal loggers – as the rainforest is so loud it’s impossible to hear chainsaws even when they are close by. Topher has been on several rainforest trips and realised that the mobile signal was quite resilient, even in remote areas. So he decided to turn to technology to prevent deforestation.

Topher transformed recycled cell-phones into autonomous, solar-powered listening devices, installed on top of trees that can monitor and pinpoint chainsaw activity from a great distance. Thanks to the mobile connectivity, the alert is then sent to the closest guardians who receive a notification through a mobile app with the exact location of the chainsaw.

In the Brazilian state of Para’ 50 guardians from the Tembe tribe have been using these devices to protect their area without having to resort to the Brazilian Government. Puyr Tembe, the community leader, says that this is exactly what the Tembe community needed: an opportunity to be independent and to autonomously protect the community.

Rainforest connection changed the game by providing the world’s first real-time logging detection system, pinpointing deforestation activity as it occurs, and providing the data openly, freely, and immediately to anyone around the world.

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