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‘Smart city’ initiatives focus on using technology to make it easier to live, navigate and do business. Both Dubai and Stockholm are leading the way with their innovative technological advances in this field.

In Dubai approximately 300 services are now accessible from the mobile phone. And in Stockholm, the government has created over 1,000 different e-services that allow people to do everything from organise elderly day care to planning routes to work. And thanks to almost ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage – it can all be done while people are out and about.

In 2014, Du (a leading UAE telecom provider), announced the creation of 5,000 free wi-fi hotspots at 100 locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi that as part of Dubai’s smart city initiatives. In addition to empowering citizens the broadband connectivity enables smart infrastructure too; from smart waste management that relays information on how full bins are, reducing collection costs by 50% to smart street lighting with in-built sensors.

Developments such as these are leading the way for initiatives on transport, communications, infrastructure, electricity, economic services and urban planning among other vital areas. They are also changing the way people live their lives in small, sometimes invisible, but incredible ways.

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