#BetterFuture Seminar: ‘Progressive Leadership in the Digital Age’

Priority access is now closed. Should you wish to attend the #BetterFuture seminar ‘Progressive Leadership in the Digital Age’, please do join us on Tuesday, 26 February from 09:00 – 10:30 in Hall 1, CC1, Seminar Theatres 1 & 2.

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During this seminar you will discover the essential steps needed to prosper within this digital climate and become a pioneer of the digital era through:

  • Industry-leading initiatives showcasing the mandatory business steps needed to lay the foundations for a consumer-centric ‘Better Future’
  • Panel discussions highlighting the shared leadership vision of what sustainable and responsible business practices look like and why they complement financial returns
  • Case studies exploring the impact industrial activity has on the global economy and why a corporate social conscious is essential for survival