How the mobile sector can help expand clean energy access and drive Sub-Saharan Africa’s development goals

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Energy and mobile connectivity are fundamental to modern societies. Across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), essential services like water, transport, health care, and banking require reliable digital and energy services to function. Reliable mobile connectivity is especially ...

Reflections on COP28

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Another COP-out? Or did COP28 in Dubai achieve genuine progress on climate action? There are strong arguments for both, but no one could say that it has put the world on course to limit global heating to 1.5C. Any UN process seeking unanimous agreement from all member states ...

Achieving Climate Targets: Navigating the Path Without Greenwashing

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We are witnessing climate change happening all around us, but there is a gap between government policies and the ambition needed to address it. Step forward the private sector, which is helping to close this gap with ambitious targets.   The mobile sector is aiming ...

How to align an industry for a net zero transition

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In today’s rapidly heating world, addressing climate change has become a top priority for industries across the globe. The big question: how do you transform a whole industry? First, you need a vision of what to transform into. This could be the vision of reducing an ...

How Are We Progressing To Net Zero?

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Back in 2019, the GSMA set an ambition on behalf of the mobile industry: to be net zero by 2050. This was a bold step pre-dating any G7 economy commitment to net zero. This ambitious goal aimed to harness the momentum of progressive mobile network operators worldwide, laying ...