Strategy Paper for Circular Economy: Mobile devices


Wednesday 2 Nov 2022 | Climate Action |

Sustainability challenges can only be addressed at a systemic level, and this is why the GSMA is proud to play a role in helping the mobile industry become more sustainable.

2022 Mobile Industry Impact Report: Sustainable Development Goals


Wednesday 21 Sep 2022 | #BetterFuture |

This seventh annual SDG impact report demonstrates the mobile industry’s continued commitment to the SDGs while identifying areas where the industry needs to improve or accelerate its actions to deliver on the Global Goals by 2030.

Mobile Industry position paper: Access to renewable energy


Friday 11 Nov 2022 | Climate Action |

This paper outlines the key challenges faced by the mobile sector preventing access to renewable electricity in market, and the key asks and recommendations for policymakers that can help to overcome the challenges.

ESG Metrics for Mobile Overview


Monday 13 Jun 2022 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

For a high level overview of the ESG Metrics for Mobile Report, please download our ESG Metrics for Mobile Overview. This includes a summary of the current state of ESG, the GSMA-led industry ESG framework and metrics.

AI for Impact: Use Cases delivering SDG Impact


Friday 20 May 2022 | AI for Impact |

Read the highlights flyer to discover where mobile operators and mobile big data (MBD) can have the most impact, alongside a global map of example use cases of AI and MBD for the UN SDGs. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) a

Mobile Net Zero: State of the Industry on Climate Action 2022


Wednesday 18 May 2022 | Climate Action |

This report is the second annual assessment of how the mobile industry is progressing against the ambition to be net zero by 2050.

AI for Impact: Cambridge University Press Special Collection on mobile data analytics to inform Covid-19 response


Monday 28 Feb 2022 | AI for Impact |

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented human and economic crisis, affecting all corners of the world. Governments have been urgently ...

Strategy Paper for Circular Economy: Network equipment


Tuesday 1 Mar 2022 | Climate Action |

The benefits of a circular economy and its necessity are undeniable. More than ever, the planet and its people need to reduce resource use and move to more sustainable business models. This also applies to the ...

AI for Impact: Using the power of data to respond to climate change


Friday 18 Feb 2022 | AI for Impact |

Climate change is the most pressing problem facing humanity. National governments have agreed ambitious ...

The AI Ethics Playbook & Self-Assessment Questionnaire


Thursday 24 Feb 2022 | AI for Impact |

AI has the potential to truly change the world. However, this represents not only an opportunity but also a risk. As the adoption of AI accelerates, organisations and governments around the world are ...

Mobile Net Zero – State of the Industry on Climate Action


Tuesday 20 Apr 2021 | Climate Action |

This report marks the first analysis of how the mobile industry is progressing towards its ambition to be net zero by 2050

Smart Energy Systems: Connectivity for a Zero‑Emissions Future Webinar


Monday 8 Feb 2021 | Climate Action |

Global societies have reached a tipping point. Addressing the climate crisis requires a rapid transition away from fossil fuel power generation, and towards decarbonised and sustainable alternatives. The technologies are ready, but we ...

Smart Energy Systems: Connectivity for a zero‑emissions future


Monday 15 Feb 2021 | Climate Action |

Climate change has become the defining issue of our generation. For global warming to be kept below irreversible levels beyond 1.5°C, net global emissions will have to halve by 2030, before reaching zero by 2050. Innovative approaches ...

Navigating the era of responsible leadership in today’s world: A perspective from leading technology executives


Tuesday 8 Dec 2020 | Digital Declaration |

Read the latest report for insights and perspectives on responsible business leadership: Technology is transforming the world before our eyes. As the power of technology grows, so does the importance of ethical and responsible ...

Perceptions of Power: Championing Female Leadership


Tuesday 8 Dec 2020 | #BetterFuture |

As a founding member of the EQUALS Global Partnership, GSMA and its partners are pleased to share this pilot study, which examines the ways in which men and women in middle- and senior-level management positions in the ...

Mobile Technology and Economic Growth


Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | #BetterFuture |

Lessons to accelerate economic growth and recovery There has never been a greater dependency on digital technology. During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital technologies have allowed economic activity to continue, enabling new ...

New perspectives: How COVID-19 has shifted sustainability priorities in the mobile sector


Monday 16 Nov 2020 | #BetterFuture |

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented human and economic crisis, affecting all corners of the world. As governments have grappled with responding to the rapidly evolving crisis, the role and ...

Climate Action September Sessions


Thursday 24 Sep 2020 | #BetterFuture | Climate Action |

September Session 1 – Defining Net Zero and Carbon Neutral. What is the difference between net zero and carbon neutral? How can a mobile operator achieve these targets? In this webinar, we get advice from an expert at ...

The GSMA Sustainability Assessment Framework 2021


Tuesday 14 Sep 2021 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

The GSMA has developed a Sustainability Assessment Framework to better understand the landscape of operator efforts in social and environmental sustainability. The Framework, designed in collaboration with Yale ...

GSMA Climate Policy


Monday 27 Nov 2023 | Climate Action |

This policy paper sets out what the mobile industry is doing and what we are calling on governments to do to a reach net zero carbon economy.