AI4I Webinar Series : Using mobile big data analytics to combat global challenges inc. COVID-19


Wednesday 24 Jun 2020 | #BetterFuture | AI for Impact |

Background With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the globe, governments are seeking innovative and dynamic solutions to make the right decisions at the right time, both to save lives and minimise the long-term ...

An Introduction to Human Rights for the Mobile Sector


Tuesday 21 Apr 2020 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Following the publication of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in 2011 and subsequent national and regional regulatory initiatives, there has been increasing focus on the roles and responsibilities of businesses ...

Setting Climate Targets: how to apply the guidance webinars


Thursday 18 Jun 2020 | Climate Action |

The GSMA, in partnership with the CDP, hosted a series of webinars across different time zones for mobile operators on how to set science-based targets (SBTs). The webinars explained how to apply the

Human Rights Guidance for the Mobile Industry


Monday 15 Jun 2020 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

This document provides an introduction for companies to consider the relevance of the seven major human rights issues for their operations, as well as inspiration and resources to begin to formalise their management of human rights. ...

The Role of AI for Impact in the Fight against COVID-19


Monday 11 May 2020 | #BetterFuture | AI for Impact |

Mobile Big Data Solutions to support decision makers It is difficult to overstate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on families, industries, and governments across the globe. The disease has caused widespread illness and ...

2019 Mobile Industry Impact Report: Sustainable Development Goals – Climate Action Deep Dive


Tuesday 24 Sep 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Compared to many other sectors, the mobile industry is not the largest contributor of carbon emissions, but as we increasingly enter a digitised world, it can be part of the solution. Collaboration is needed to limit the industry’s own ...

COVID-19 Crisis Response: Digital Development Joint Action Plan and Call for Action


Friday 24 Apr 2020 | #BetterFuture |

COVID-19 Crisis Response: Digital Development Joint Action Plan and Call for Action

An Introduction to Human Rights for the Mobile Sector


Tuesday 31 Mar 2020 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Human rights risks are present throughout mobile operators’ value chains. These range from the treatment and conditions of people working in the supply chain to how operators’ own employees are treated and how the human rights of ...

Setting Climate Targets


Monday 23 Mar 2020 | Climate Action |

A step by step guide for mobile network operators to set science based targets An ICT sectoral target-setting approach was recently developed through a collaboration between the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative ...

GSMA We Care Initiative Overview Flyer


Friday 9 Jul 2021 | We Care |

The GSMA We Care initiative supports the mobile industry commitment to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Digital Declaration, allowing operators to drive impact at a local level.

The Future of Mobile Report


Monday 2 Mar 2020 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

How Telcos can Unlock New Value Though Total Societal Impact A new paradigm is taking shape for business—faster than many anticipated. The defining expectation is this: good companies will deliver competitive financial ...

Guidance for ICT Companies Setting Science Based Targets


Thursday 27 Feb 2020 | Climate Action |

This document supports information and communication technology (ICTs) companies in setting science based targets for greenhouse gases (GHGs) according to a set of new decarbonisation pathways. Currently the guide focuses exclusively ...

The Enablement Effect 2019


Wednesday 11 Dec 2019 | Climate Action |

The mobile industry is one of many key sectors playing a crucial role addressing the challenge of climate change. It is committed to reducing its own emissions however, its greatest contribution to combating climate change is reducing ...

Mobile Big Data Solutions for a Better Future Report


Tuesday 22 Oct 2019 | #BetterFuture |

The Mobile Big Data Solutions for a Better Future: A world of opportunity report was created to inspire the global community to harness the power of mobile big data (MBD), offering insight into the potential impact that could be ...

2019 Mobile Industry Report: Sustainable Development Report


Tuesday 24 Sep 2019 | #BetterFuture | Climate Action | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

The ongoing uptake of mobile and mobile-enabled services around the world has seen the mobile industry increase its contribution to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the last year. The industry has continued to ...

Utilising real-time mobile analytics to aid in the rescue of missing persons


Tuesday 8 Oct 2019 | AI for Impact |

In Russia, 70,000 to 100,000 individuals go missing each year. Of those that go missing, each year 20,000 to 25,000 are never found. To decrease this number, timely action is essential. When searches for missing persons ...

Mobile Big Data Analytics and AI for a Better Future: AI Ethics Principles


Monday 9 Sep 2019 | AI for Impact |

Discover the principles recommended by the GSMA and its members for adoption by MNOs using AI for social good.

Mobile Economic Impact Reports


Monday 12 Aug 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Operators are using socio-economic impact assessments to better understand and demonstrate the broader impact that they have on society and economies. Here we have reports which detail the economic contribution of the mobile sector at ...

International Relations Handbook


Wednesday 24 Jul 2019 | #BetterFuture |

The GSMA engages with a wide range of international organisations, seeking to leverage their influence and public platforms to amplify mobile industry messaging, and engaging with their committees and working groups to represent mobile ...

Using Socio-Economic Impact Assessments


Friday 10 May 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Download the 'Using Socio-Economic Impact Assessments'.