AI4I Responsible AI: Expert Series

Friday 15 Mar 2024 | AI for Impact |

The mobile industry is harnessing big data and artificial intelligence to provide better services, optimise core business, boost productivity and save energy; and in doing so, helping achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In the GSMA ‘Responsible AI Expert Series’, hear from mobile industry experts as they discuss the key topics.

Find out more on the responsible and ethical design and development of AI and Big Data Analytics products and services with the GSMA AI Ethics Playbook

Responsible AI Expert Series – Deutsche Telekom

Hear from Tobias Trautmann, Cluster Lead Compliance Digital Transformation, Deutsche Telekom on the importance of human-centred technology – using AI to deliver more efficient internal and external customer engagement. Learn how ethical AI has become a key asset in the war for talent, in addition to the future of AI – from its role in shareholder and stakeholder perception to shaping future regulation.

Responsible AI Expert Series – stc

Hear from Ziyad Moraished, Senior AI Engineer, stc, about how ethical AI will impact the customer journey in a positive way, such as customer churn prediction and product and service recommendations. Find out the importance stc places on ethical AI when assessing its models in areas such as safety, fairness, and transparency. Hear how generative AI's large language models are impressive but how they also need to be governed and used responsibly.

Responsible AI Expert Series – GSMA

Hear from Elizabeth Wiltshire, EU Affairs Manager at GSMA, on her thoughts on the key themes coming from AI governance at the EU level, such as regulating AI models versus AI systems. She also discusses lessons from the European AI Act and the future regulation of AI in areas such as the workplace and the interaction between AI and cyber security.

Responsible AI Expert Series – GSMA

Hear from Mojca Cargo, Director, GSMA, about the opportunity AI brings to positively impact society and how the GSMA’s AI for Impact programme is accelerating economically viable implementations, developing innovative use cases while protecting privacy, facilitating collaborations, and ensuring our members are implementing AI with ethics by design in mind.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Globe Group – Philippines

Hear from Rofil Sheldon Magto, Assistant Director for Regional Communications, Globe Group on how using AI in early warning systems is helping predict when typhoons may make landfall, developing AI in chatbots and how AI is helping to disseminate climate data analytics.

Responsible AI Expert – ICT Industry Development, Philippines

Hear from Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, ICT Industry Development, Philippines, about the use of AI and big data in health care platforms which is saving lives, how to integrate AI in education, and the need to build human-centric standards for all emerging technologies.

Responsible AI Expert Series - Ministry of Communications & Informatics - Republic of Indonesia

Hear from Dr Kautsarina, Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Republic of Indonesia, on how incorporating AI in early warning systems can address the challenge of natural disasters and how AI can boost productivity in agriculture.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Korea Information Society Development Institute

Hear from Dr Ko Sang Won, Korea Information Society Development Institute, on the origins of GPT, how the telecommunications industry plays a crucial role in the future of AI and why international cooperation is vital to ensure ethical AI takes place.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Green Climate Fund

Hear from Dr Bapon Fakhruddin, Water Resource Management, Green Climate Fund, on how people can bring machine learning into early warning systems to alert communities about tsunamis and disease outbreaks, the benefits of cell broadcasting and call priority in 4G and 5G.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Vodafone

Hear from Matt Allison at Vodafone on how their publicly available AI framework addresses concerns around AI and find out how big data analytics tools helped combat the spread of malaria in Mozambique.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Telefónica

Hear from Richard Benjamins - Chief AI & Data Strategist – Telefónica, on benefits to society, responsible AI principles vs practice, and a supportive policy environment for future innovation.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Turkcell

Hear from Gokce Cobansoy Hizel - Data Protection, Competition, New Technologies & Human Rights Law Ass. Director – Turkcell, on innovative use cases, ethical use of AI and looking to the future.

Responsible AI Expert Series – Orange Innovation

Hear from Emilie Hien - Responsible AI Program manager - Orange Innovation on use cases, the importance of trust and looking to the future.