Climate Action September Sessions

Thursday 24 Sep 2020 | #BetterFuture | Climate Action |

September Session 1 – Defining Net Zero and Carbon Neutral.
What is the difference between net zero and carbon neutral? How can a mobile operator achieve these targets? In this webinar, we get advice from an expert at SBTI and find out about Orange and Softbank Energy’s approaches.

September Session 2 – Switching to Renewable Electricity
Many companies are seeing the benefits of switching to renewable electricity. In this webinar, we speak to Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica about why they set 100% renewable electricity targets and how they are achieving them. The RE100 campaign also explains how they support businesses to make the switch.

September Session 3 – Climate Risk Management
As infrastructure businesses, mobile operators are affected by the rapidly changing climate. In this webinar, Globe Telecom and AT&T explain how they predict, manage and recover from extreme weather events. Also, Vodafone shares insights into their approach to embedding climate risk management into the heart of their business strategy.

September Session 4 – Supply Chain Engagement
Measuring and managing your Scope 3 and supply chain carbon emissions is a challenge for any business. In this webinar, we discuss how BT and Vodafone engage their suppliers, and what the GSMA is doing at an industry level.