Climate Disclosure Webinar Series

Wednesday 17 May 2023 | Climate Action |

Over recent years there has been a big increase in the number of mobile network operators disclosing climate impacts, and last year the industry achieved its best results ever with more than half of respondents scoring an A or A-. 

This series of webinars run with the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) can help operators maintain this progress. Each webinar focuses on key areas to understand for reporting.

Introduction to CDP webinar

This webinar is targeted at MNOs new to CDP reporting and disclosing for the first time. The webinar will cover the process of reporting to CDP and the benefits for reporting companies. It provides practical guidance on how to register on the platform and navigate your company dashboard. CDP also shared some handy hints for answering the questionnaire and improving your score. 

Changes to the Questionnaire webinar

This webinar is suitable for all companies disclosing to CDP. It gives an overview of the main changes to the CDP Climate Change questionnaire in 2023. By the end, you’ll have an idea of the scope of the changes for this year’s disclosure and the main revisions and developments to look out for. This includes new sections on taxonomy and biodiversity.

Renewables and Energy webinar

This webinar is for all CDP responders. It provides helpful hints and tips on how to answer the energy section of the questionnaire including CDP’s definitions of renewable and low-carbon energy. The energy questions appear in both the full and reduced version of the CDP questionnaire and are heavily weighted in the scoring methodology.

Scope 3 Reporting webinar

This webinar supports organisations to answer the Scope 3 questions in the CDP questionnaire. This is broken down across the 15 categories of Scope 3 emissions and usually comprises approximately 70% of operator emissions. This section is heavily weighted in the CDP scoring methodology and is one of the more complex areas of the questionnaire to complete.  

Science-Based Targets for Nature: An Introduction

This webinar is for all CDP responders. It provides an overview of the new emerging topic of biodiversity. The presenter discusses the new science-based targets for nature and why we need them and covers how to respond to the new CDP biodiversity module questions. The biodiversity module is not scored in the 2023 disclosure cycle; however, operators are encouraged to consider their impacts on biodiversity and nature. 

Credible Climate Transition Plans

This webinar focuses on climate transition planning. It explains how to align a business model with a world where the global average temperature does not rise above 1.5°C of pre-industrial levels and the natural ecosystem health is restored. The presentation explores what constitutes a credible climate transition plan and explains CDP’s role in mainstreaming transition plan disclosure.