Smart Energy Systems: Connectivity for a Zero‑Emissions Future Webinar

Monday 8 Feb 2021 | Climate Action |

Global societies have reached a tipping point. Addressing the climate crisis requires a rapid transition away from fossil fuel power generation, and towards decarbonised and sustainable alternatives. The technologies are ready, but we need a collective strategy to deploy them at the required scale and with minimal economic disruption. This webinar discusses how wireless connectivity is a key component in this carbon-neutral transition, through enabling new Smart Energy Systems and the regulatory environment that is required for them to scale.

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Jort Kelder, Journalist & Television Presenter


  • Jikke Op de Weegh, Lead Sustainability and Support, KPN
  • Professor Wolf Ketter, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and the University of Cologne
  • Steven Moore, Head of Climate Action, GSMA
  • Harry Morgan, Senior Analyst & Editor, Rethink Technology Research
  • Silvana Lefel, Lead Sustainable Infrastructure, KPN


  • Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Innovation and Digitalisation, DG Energy, European Commission.
  • Marzia Zafar, Head of Policy and Strategy, Kaluza
  • Paul Slot, VP Infrastructure, KPN
  • Jort Kelder, Journalist & Television Presenter (moderator)