The Enablement Effect 2019

Wednesday 11 Dec 2019 | Climate Action |

The Enablement Effect 2019 image

The mobile industry is one of many key sectors playing a crucial role addressing the challenge of climate change. It is committed to reducing its own emissions however, its greatest contribution to combating climate change is reducing the emissions of wider industries through smart connected technologies and behaviour change.

This report by the Carbon Trust assesses the enablement impact of mobile communication technology at a global scale. The use of mobile technology powered a global reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of around 2,135 million tonnes CO2e in 2018. The emissions savings were ten times greater than the global carbon footprint of the mobile industry itself.

To find out more about how the mobile industry is a small part of the problem but a large part of the solution download The Enablement Effect report.

Download The Enablement Effect Report 2019