Blog from UL: Testing M2M and Consumer RSP beyond the specifications

Why do we need to test M2M and Consumer RSP entities beyond the specifications? Why do it, as it could entail a lot of extra effort? Let’s be honest nobody likes to spend a lot on their testing needs and budgets a frequently quite tight.

The need to perform interoperability testing to determine whether vendor X’s eUICC will really work with vendor Y’s SM-SR in M2M or vendor Z’s SM-DP+ will ensure that the eUICC and Subscription Manager via the device deliver the required customer experience. So that’s the reason we test, but do we really need to go beyond the current set of testing defined by the related industry bodies? There are a range of different reasons why that is the case. Currently full test coverage of all the entities is not in place and some areas that are in place are not fully addressed. We are talking about a combination of factors; hardware, software, network, eUICC, Subscription Manager, and device that are interchangeable and in many cases dynamically switchable.

UL has released an eBook which analyses the different testing issues related to the eUICC, Subscription Manager and device to determine and explain where we need to test M2M and Consumer RSP entities beyond the specifications.

Specifically the eBook investigates in detail the functional testing, where applicable the testing of the profile, the logical security testing and finally the physical security testing that is performed in the M2M and Consumer RSP industries.

By following this link you can download the full eBook to find out about the in-depth analysis, results and conclusions that UL has undertaken over the last 12 months.

Please come and speak to the author of this blog on all your testing needs at eSIM-Connect and MVNOs Europe in London November 6th and 7th where UL will be exhibiting.