GSMA published a new version of the M2M eSIM specification to cover, among others feature, Automatic Emergency Call.

GSMA have been working with Mobile Operators and EUMs from all around the world to release a new version of eSIM specification for M2M services.

Version 4 covers an important feature highly demanded by the automotive industry to comply with local regulations. Automatic emergency call will allow them to implement automatic local switch to enable the emergency call profile.

Besides this feature, other features have been included in this new version of SGP.01 and 02:

  • New interfaces to enable delegated authority to M2M service provider (M2M SP)
  • Support of preloaded test profile
  • Improvements of Fall-back Attribute Management and Fall-Back Mechanism
  • Introduction of eUICC OS Update
  • Certificate Revocation
  • Performance optimization of SCP03t generation
  • Update of error case of SM-SR change
  • Upgrade of SIMalliance Interoperable Profile Package version to v2.2
  • Improvements and corrections on Web Services integration, interoperability and APIs

Both versions of the specifications can be downloaded in the following links: