SKT, e& make Middle East metaverse play

SK Telecom (SKT) has inked a deal with operator e& to bring its metaverse knowledge to the Middle East – a collaboration that will include building a platform based on consumer demands. The companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering the promotion of the metaverse in e& markets, with Saudi Arabia and UAE identified as having particularly strong potential.

Many industries are devising their plans and strategies for the metaverse – typically conceptualised as a network of immersive digital environments where people can interact, play games, work and shop, often through virtual reality. SKT provides an example of how operators can become involved in the metaverse, with its Ifland metaverse platform. Other operator examples include Celcom partnering with Nonvoice to launch AR content, and PCCW and HKT planning to launch a virtual 5G network in Sandbox. Importantly, opportunities for operators in the metaverse are not restricted to acting solely as partners for connectivity or managed services; operators are well positioned to be metaverse co-creators.

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