ID Talks Live #1: Credit Risk Scoring

Friday 9 Oct 2020 | FintTech Community Webinars | Resources | Videos |

Watch the ID Talks Live #1: Credit Risk Scoring webinar and download the speakers’ presentations.


On Thursday, 8 October 2020, the Identity team hosted the first ‘ID Talks Live’ webinar.

In this webinar, O2Organon AnalyticsT-Mobile, Turkcell discussed how Mobile Operators are working with banks and Fintech to utilise machine learning to create consent-based products and make better lending decisions.



Company Speaker Presentation
GSMA Brian Gorman – Financial Services Vertical Lead, GSMA
ID Talks Live Intro & Overview
T-Mobile & O2  Pavel Vlasaný – Head of Payments and Collection, T-Mobile
Marek Novotny – Credit Management Director, O2
Pavel Schlesinger – Data Scientists Team Leader at AI Centre, O2
Co-creating a new scoring product
Turkcell  &
Organon Analytics  
Cagatay Ozdemir – Big Data and Analytics Senior Product Manager, Turkcell
Emrah Anayurt – COO, Organon Analytics
Using machine learning to scale delivery of  bespoke scoring solutions  
   Q&A from Live session    Download

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ID Talks Live webinar series presents to you key global challenges for financial services and how collaboration with the mobile eco-system is creating new opportunities to capture the value of digital transformation.

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