Connecting the Unconnected

Connecting the Unconnected

Remote and previously unconnected areas can now be reached, thanks to the dynamic design of the World Mobile network, adapting the approach and technologies they use to the unique challenges of each region. One of these technologies is their aerostats – unpowered balloons that provide connectivity in a wide area and are tethered to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection. Mobile services can be deployed using aerostats to cover sparse populations over large areas economically and enhanced coverage at sea. The potential is to reach millions of people who are not served with mobile or internet services.

World Mobile

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Mike Nxele of World Mobile and Richard Cockle from GSMA Foundry Tackle Sub-Saharan Africa’s Digital Divide

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Authors discuss progress, challenges, and innovative solutions for digital connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, urging collaboration. When it comes to mobile connectivity, Sub Saharan Africa has seen progress over the past year. A quarter of the population are now using ...

Press Release: World Mobile and GSMA Foundry showcase how Africa’s first commercial telecoms aerostat can help close digital divide at MWC Kigali

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Millions of Sub-Saharan Africans left disconnected from the digital world according to new report (Original press release published to MWC Kigali website) Kigali, October 17, 2023: Following the successful launch of Africa’s first commercial telecoms aerostat, in ...

Advanced, accessible connectivity and social good key themes at MWC Las Vegas

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MWC Las Vegas always provides key insights into the industry’s regional priorities and commercial opportunities. The GSMA Foundry exhibition at this year’s show was a microcosm of these trends, featuring demonstrations on C-V2X, simplified 5G application development, ...

Forge Partnerships and Experience Technology at MWC

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For those looking for engaging technology at MWC, the GSMA Foundry showcase is a must MWC is the single greatest event for experiencing a mass showcase of technology products capable of transforming everyday life. Perhaps the best example of this within the event is our very ...

Project Resources

GSMA Foundry Partner Spotlight – World Mobile


Monday 6 Nov 2023 | Connect the Unconnected | Interview | Video |

Micky Watkins, CEO for World Mobile talks at MWC Las Vegas 2023 about how their aerial solutions are connecting the unconnected, and how together with GSMA Foundry they are driving innovation forward in the mobile industry.

Project Spotlight: Connect the Unconnected


Wednesday 19 Apr 2023 | Connect the Unconnected | Interview | Project Spotlights | Video |

At MWC Barcelona 2023, World Mobile showcased a scale model of an aerostat – an unpowered balloon that provides connectivity in a wide area and is tethered to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection.

MWC23 – GSMA Foundry Highlights


Wednesday 5 Apr 2023 | 5G - Enabling Enterprise Drones to Fly BVLOS | 5G Catalonia | 5G MEC Powered XR Digital Twin Store | Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub | Connect the Unconnected | Video |

Watch the highlights from MWC Barcelona 2023, featuring the GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase, where GSMA members and industry partners collaborate to scale their projects and share them with the world.  We look forward to seeing at the next MWC event soon!

GSMA Foundry Testimonials – MWC Barcelona 2023


Thursday 23 Mar 2023 | 5G - Enabling Enterprise Drones to Fly BVLOS | 5G Advanced | 5G Catalonia | 5G MEC Powered XR Digital Twin Store | Connect the Unconnected | Interview | Video |

At MWC23 we talked to GSMA Foundry partners delivering some of the most exciting technology projects this year. If you have a project you would like to take to the industry, then get in touch with our team: