5G Operator Platform

5G Operator Platform

Bringing together developers, operators, platform providers and the broader ecosystem to transform MEC Services and create the level of commonality required to achieve global, interoperable scale

What is 5G Operator Platform?

The Telco Edge Operator Platform defines a common platform to expose operator services/capabilities to customers/developers in the 5G-era. The first phase of the platform focuses on Edge and includes other capabilities: connectivity, slicing, IPComms.

The main objective is the standardisation of a common federation interface which expands operator’s footprint and also unifies the external integration and exposure, allowing operators to offer their own services or collaborate with hyperscalers and other service providers.

The Operator Platform Group is open to the wider edge-ecosystem and beyond brings together operators, platform developers, edge cloud providers, Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs), Open Source Projects, industry for and market participants.

If you would like to get involved or want more information contact futurenetworks@gsma.com

5G Live: Multi-Operator Edge Experience Catch Up


Friday 5 Mar 2021 | 5G Live Webinar Series | All Projects | Operator Platform | Resources |

Watch the GSMA 5G Live: Multi-Operator Edge Experience and download the speakers’ presentations.

Operator Platform Evolution: Use Cases and Concepts


Friday 26 Feb 2021 | 5G | All Projects | Operator Platform | Resources |

This whitepaper highlights the ongoing work from the operator platform group in key areas such as roaming, container support and use cases that rely on key operator platform capabilities.

GSMA Thrive Asia Pacific: 5G Live: Telco Edge Operator Platform Catch Up


Wednesday 4 Nov 2020 | 5G | 5G Video Series | All Projects | Operator Platform | Operator Platform | Resources | Telco Edge Cloud | Thrive | Thrive APAC 5G Live |

In this webinar, key speakers shared insights into Operator Platform and Telco Edge Cloud, discussed Multi-Operator MEC initiative and explained 5G Cloud Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Applications and Use Cases.

GSMA Thrive North America: 5G Live: Operator Platform Catch Up


Friday 30 Oct 2020 | 5G | 5G Live Webinar Series | All Projects | North America 5G Live | Operator Platform | Resources | Thrive |

In this webinar, hear about the latest developments of Telco Edge Operator Platform in North America.

GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Proposal Whitepaper


Tuesday 27 Oct 2020 | 5G | All Projects | Operator Platform | Resources |

The Operator Telco Edge Proposal whitepaper acts as a next step following the release of the Operator Platform Concept whitepaper, which introduced the opportunity that the Enterprise segment offers for operators in the 5G-era and vice versa.

Telco Edge Cloud: Edge Service Description & Commercial Principles Whitepaper


Tuesday 27 Oct 2020 | 5G | Operator Platform | Resources |

The Edge Cloud inherits most principles, mechanisms, and tools from the traditional cloud, but provides customers with additional benefits as the edge brings proximity to the end-user devices, enabling characteristics like lower ...