MWC17 5G Beyond Technology into Business Impact Seminar

MWC17 5G Beyond Technology into Business Impact

The web is awash with information about what 5G will deliver: extraordinarily fast broadband, highly responsive connectivity, ultra dense clusters of connections but beyond the technology how will it impact business?

To prepare the industry for 5G, the GSMA is helping to shape the strategic, commercial and regulatory framework. As 5G is defined and refined, the GSMA will also work with its members to identify and develop commercially viable 5G applications.

This seminar brings together operators and vertical industries to show how the flexible network to be provided by 5G will unlock new commercial opportunities.


Introduction to 5G beyond technology to business economics
Henry Calvert, Head of Future Networks, GSMA


How will operators afford to deploy 5G?
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Group CTO & Chair of Future Networks, Deutsche Telekom


Verizon’s perspective on 5G
Adam Koeppe VP, Technology Planning, Verizon


5G Potential and Reality
Seizo Onoe, Executive Vice President / Chief Technology Officer at NTT DoCoMo


5G and the automotive of things
Peter Virk, Director of Connected Technologies & Apps at Jaguar Land Rover


5G requirements to tech to business
Dan Warren, Head of 5G Research Samsung R&D Institute, Samsung


Panel discussion 5G – Beyond Technology into Business Impact  
Moderated by David Pringle, Director Pringle Media

Part 1:

Part 2:

Discussion Topics:

  • How is 5G shaping up from a technical and business prospective ?
  • How will 5G change todays mobile offer to business and consumers ?
  • 5G is it speed, reliability, coverage or some combination ?