5G chipsets and devices develop at pace

Qualcomm has announced plans to add 5G compatibility to its budget Snapdragon 4 series chipsets in 2021. While it has already enabled 5G support on an expanded list of chipsets, this latest development will bring the network standard to the cheapest range of smartphones yet. As the chipsets power devices costing $200 or less, this could help significantly lower the cost of access for 5G smartphones (currently around the $500 mark).

Such developments will bolster the ever-growing portfolio of 5G-enabled handsets and form factors. Oppo, Xiaomi and Motorola have committed to designing 5G smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s budget chipsets. While Samsung and LG have announced 5G device launches in recent weeks, Apple is expected to launch new iPhones with 5G capabilities in October.

As operators continue to deploy 5G networks, the availability of more affordable 5G handsets will help make the new network technology more accessible to a wider base, allowing for greater inclusion when it comes to the services and innovation that 5G is set to offer.

Source: GSMA Intelligence

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