Future Networks convene developers in Montreal for 5G Operator Platform Lab

With the business case for 5G now established, attention in 2020 turns to launches worldwide, and how to make the most of this new era of hyperconnectivity. There is broad recognition across the mobile industry that, while consumer use cases will make up the majority of initial deployments, adoption by enterprise will prove a major source of operator revenues – with opportunities to create value spanning sectors as various as digital healthcare, industrial IoT, and smart cities.

An area of considerable interest at our next 5G Developer Lab, in Montreal, will therefore be how developers of this vast range of use cases, and the operators tasked with servicing them can work with a common understanding of how to bring them forward. To facilitate innovation most effectively, the industry needs set of common APIs, and a generic platform – capable of bringing together existing assets such voice and messaging capabilities with new ones brought about by 5G, such as edge cloud computing and network slicing – to ensure the flexibility needed as 5G’s complex new customer base of enterprise adopters come online.
An operator platform will empower the industry to offer APIs which give access to the assets most in demand amongst partner organisations, consistently across networks and borders, to maximise global competitiveness.

As Arash Ashouriha, SVP for Group Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom and Chair of GSMA Future Networks explains, “One of the biggest opportunities within the operator platform is the value for developers. They will find a set of standardised APIs which are interoperable with all kinds of technologies and underlying network capabilities which will enable them to develop, test and try different applications without having to worry about the need to adapt them for every single operator.”

The session in Montreal will bring together leading operators, platform providers, developers and the broader ecosystem to explore how interoperable scale can be achieved by through a unified operator platform. The session will also show how a thriving developer community can be nurtured to foster the limitless potential for innovation through 5G. You’ll hear from developers about the challenges they’ve faced in creating MEC applications at scale, what help they hope for from operators in doing so, and their broader aspirations in the 5G era.
Joining these conversations will allow you to help guide the course of the industry’s efforts towards platform consolidation in some of 5G’s most commercially essential sectors. It will also provide networking opportunities to build the relationships needed to drive future implementation.

To secure your place in Montreal, please register here.