An Introduction to 5G Network Slicing

It is estimated that 5G will account for as many as 1.1 billion connections by 2025. By then, 5G networks are likely to cover one third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound.


Network Slicing allows networks to be tailored to fit a variety of use cases, allowing differentiation in levels of security, quality of service, bandwidth and latency.

In the GSMA’s latest report, we outline how network slicing will function, and bring to life use cases to demonstrate how slicing will allow for new business models and revenues with additional network features. Download the report now to learn:


  • How do we define a network slice?
  • What is the network slicing blueprint?
  • What can network slicing do for your business?
  • What’s coming next for network slicing?


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