MWC Shanghai 2018 5G Network Slicing Summit Recording & Presentations

To download the speakers’ presentations from the 5G Network Slicing Summit at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, and to watch the full recording, please click here.

5G Network Slicing is rapidly gaining interest in the mobile industry, with major players in the ecosystem excited about the benefits this technology will bring to a variety of verticals such as AI, Gaming, Transportation, Realtime Robotics and Smart Cities providing Intelligent Connectivity. There are still many questions surrounding Network Slicing that need to be answered, including how it will benefit consumers and verticals and benefits for Hyperconnected IoT; what the business model will look like; what the different roles within Network Slicing will be; and what the GSMA is doing to progress Network Slicing deployment. 5GSA aims to address requirements of industry verticals, and foster network slicing innovation via testbeds and trials.

Focusing on the commercialisation of 5G, the GSMA’s Future Networks Programme hosted a 5G Seminar at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, co-hosted and sponsored by China Mobile and Huawei. Speakers from 3GPP5GSABeckhoffChina MobileChina Southern Power GridHuaweiLetinVR Digital TechnologyPetroChina Huabei Oilfield CompanyState Grid Corporation of China and Tencent, discussed the latest progress and future plans for Network Slicing.

At the Seminar, market leaders discussed the following topics:

  • Key Innovations in the 5G era
  • New 5G opportunities through verticals and AI enabled intelligent connectivity
  • A new business model and roles in Network Slicing
  • How Network Slicing can benefit the gaming and entertainment sector
  • How Network Slicing can support a smarter energy grid network
  • Network Slicing use cases in Industry 4.0

The speakers’ presentations and the full seminar recording are now available for you to download.




3GPP Dr. Frank Mademann, SA2 Chair 3GPP Standard Progress on 5G Network Slicing
GSMA Chen Wei, Vice Chair, Network Slicing Project GSMA Progress of 5G Network Slicing
5GSA, Deutsche Telekom AG Antje Williams, Chair (of 5GSA) , Executive Program Manager (of DT) Network Slicing – why cross-industry collaboration is essential
Huawei Jianjun Wu, Director of Future Network Architecture Lab 5G E2E Slicing Technology Update
China Southern Grid Power Dr Guoyi Zhang, Senior Engineer 5G Enabled Smart Grid Applications
Tencent Hong Kai, In-house Studios Technical Operations Director 5G Network Slicing Enabled Gaming Industry
Beckhoff Dr YanQiang Liu, Senior Consultant for Industrial Internet The Application Prospect of 5G Wireless Communications in the Smart Factory
LetinVR Digital Technology co, Ltd WenBo Sun, CEO New Vision of Live VR
PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company Xu Hui, CTO 5G Application to Intelligent Oilfeild
China Mobile CMCC and Industry Partners’ Activity China Mobile 5G Network Slicing Application Progress and Industry Slice Template Release

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