All-IP Mobile Communications

The ‘Green Button Promise’ is a key focus area within the Network 2020 Programme. With support from a number of our eco-system partners, we have created an exciting video to demonstrate All-IP Communications in action on a commercial LTE network. This is the first time this mix of native VoLTE and RCS features have been shown in action over LTE. The GSMA is grateful for the support from D2 Technologies, who specialise in client software and device optimisation and NewNet, who have great competencies in backend applications and server technology, to make this a reality. Mobile devices from LG and Samsung with native RCS and VoLTE implementations are featured. Filmed live on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Rogers LTE network, viewers are able to see live everyday activities involving these services within an enterprise and consumer environment. The rich features visible include; VoLTE and Conversational video over LTE, Rich messaging and File Transfer within a voice and video call, Upgrade of a voice call to a Video call and WiFi Calling.

Call to Action: if you have video content demonstrating your IP Communications Services in action, please contact us, as we would love to get them visible on our Network 2020 YouTube Channel.