steve-w-crop By Steve Wyre, Senior Marketing Manager, GSMA


The GSMA’s Network 2020 programme introduced a new service late last year called The All-IP Business Guide ( that’s designed to give mobile operators detailed information and guidance on how to successfully roll out commercial all-IP communications services regardless of their level of market maturity. The guide covers Voice-Over-LTE (VoLTE), Video-over-LTE (ViLTE) and Rich Communications Services (RCS). You may have read about it.

A year on I thought it would be a good time to give you a progress report on how the guide is being used by the mobile operator community. To date there are over 70 operators activily engaged in using the service and an ever increasing number of individual subscribers and page views. This may seem like a small figure at first glance but when you consider that we are focusing on a specific demographic of people within these companies, that includes a high proportion of leading operators, it doesn’t seem that small at all. Over 50 percent of visitors to the site are from a technical background with 30% from a strategic background and others joining from the commercial side.

The All-IP Business Guide and evolution roadmap was created in consultation with the operator community and geared towards supporting their needs. The layout is presented in a clear, intuitutive and easy to navigate format that is designed to connect users to the resources they are most interested in as quickly as possible. The guide contains every relevant topic an operator is likely to encounter when launching an all-IP network and includes documentation such as launch tools, insights, case studies, whitepapers and specifications related to building the business rationale for launch. Some of the most popular topics are ‘interconnection’, ‘analysis’ and ‘business rationale’. The Guide also includes a host of detail on the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of implementation.

We have even received a number of positive comments from some of our operator users. Here’s Liz McCord from Orange Group endorsement on her experience: “The GSMA’s All-IP Business Guide is a very useful tool for explaining, to a range of Orange partners and stakeholders, how operators can move towards an all-IP roadmap.”


All-IP Business Calculator
It is now almost a year since launch and we have now added some new features to help make the all-IP journey even smoother. For example, we recently added new functionality to the Business Rationale section called the All-IP Business Calculator which has been created to help operators workout how their business could benefit financially from implementing an all-IP network. The GSMA has estimated that a typical operator can experience USD$5 billion of cost benefits over a 5 year period when implementing an all-IP network.

The full version of the guide is available to all GSMA members who have access to the GSMA’s Infocentre Portal. A preview version can be viewed by anyone following a simple self registration process. To find out more about the GSMA All-IP Business Guide please view the introduction presentation at: