Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017: Shaping the future of RCS and 5G

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 takes place at a critical juncture for the mobile industry. Having laid many of the technical foundations for 5G and RCS, the wider digital community is now in a position to develop and deploy next generation products and services that will transform the relationship between business and consumer. Over the course of three days beginning 27 June, the GSMA’s Future Networks programme is proud to be hosting a series of dedicated industry seminars and live demonstrations of the latest 5G and RCS technology.

Building on the success of our recent ‘5G Beyond technology into Business Impact’ seminar, we are pleased to confirm the ‘5G Slicing for Industry-Specific Services’ seminar at MWCS on Thursday 29th June, 09:30-11:30,  which will discuss how the features of this new network technology can be utilised to deliver vastly improved services for a variety of sectors. This is timely, for investment in 5G is now ramping up, particularly in Asia, where China are reportedly leading the way having been forecast to spend $180 billion on upgrading to 5G over the next seven years.

With the roll-out of RCS which is replacing SMS globally, messaging platforms are becoming more sophisticated and widely used, and businesses can now improve their communications with customers through RCS A2P (Application to Person) messaging. Our MWCS seminar ‘A New Global Platform for Conversations, Chatbots & Commerce’, taking place on Thursday 29 June 09:30-12:00, will explore why the RCS-based solution, Messaging as a Platform (MaaP), is available in a growing number of markets and the reason why it is uniquely placed to service businesses over other communication platforms.


Inside the GSMA Innovation City, attendees will have the opportunity to experience how these new technologies are changing everyday life. Demonstrating the vastly improved speed and coverage of 5G, ZTE’s latency submarine will illustrate how remote operations can conducted with greater responsiveness and in hard-to-reach locations. The Chinese device provider will also illustrate the power of RCS with ‘layered voice calls’ that enable pre-call announcements and the transfer of maps, sketches and pictures within the call.

Also located in the Innovation City will be Summit Tech’s MaaP-enabled drive-through restaurant, where customers place and customise their order via RCS, and are alerted to their status via their handset. Exhibiting the ways in which MaaP can improve everyday safety, Samsung’s air purifier uses MaaP to alert the user when they need to purchase a replacement filter, and offers to carry out the purchase within the message interface.

With Asia set to be one of the prime locations for innovation in 5G and RCS, this event is an ideal occasion to learn more about the region’s emerging opportunities from leading experts and world-class demonstrations. Join us at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, and help shape the future of mobile.


Register for Seminars below:


5G Slicing for Industry-Specific Services

09:30-11:30, Thursday 29 June , Kerry Hotel Pudong, Level 3, Pudong Ball Room 1-2


Agenda & Registration


  • Henry Calvert, Head of Future Network Programme, GSMA
  • David Gannon, VP ofTechnology Strategy and Industry Relations, Deutsche Telekom
  • Lu Lu, Head of Network Innovation LAB, China Mobile
  • Bin Fan, Director of 5G Innovation Center, China Unicom
  • Jong Han Park, Core Head 5G Core Network Architect, SK Telecom
  • Jianjun Wu, Director of Future Network Arch. LAB, Huawei Central Research Institute


A New Global Platform for Conversations, Chatbots & Commerce

09:30-12:00, Thursday 29 June, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, Level 2 Ru Room

Agenda & Registration


  • David O’Byrne, IP Communications Project Director, GSMA
  • Yunsang Park, Senior Vice President and Group Leader of Product & Service Innovation at Samsung Mobile Communications Division, Samsung
  • Petja Heimbach, Vice President of Next Generation Communications, Deutsche Telekom
  • Sherrie Huang, Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason: Asia-Pacific Research Programme
  • Zhu Jinyun, CEO Cloud of Computing & IT Product Operations, ZTE Corporation
  • Steve Murphy, CIO,  3Cinteractive


The panel discussion will be joined by:

  • Phil Carter, Programme Manager, Google
  • Wendi Cai, Communication Service Planner, Huawei



You can find out more about the event’s demonstrations inside the GSMA Innovation City, here.