LTE Reports Available

The next step in Mission Critical Communications

One of the most crucial yet understated roles of mobile networks lies in their ability to provide ‘mission critical’ communications. Typically used by ‘blue light’ emergency and disaster response services, these communications relay vital information when life is at risk, and as such, their reliability, availability and clarity are essential to everyday operations.

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The LTE Broadcast Opportunity

The GSMA has released a new report today called ‘The Broadcast Opportunity’ highlighting how mobile network operators can take advantage of a broadcast technology called ‘Evolved Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Service’ (eMBMS) which is also commonly referred to as LTE-Broadcast (LTE B). The rise in LTE network deployments and the adoption of smartphones has seen an explosion in consumers viewing mobile video content such as live TV, time-shifted TV, on-demand video as well as YouTube videos. Recent research by Cisco estimates that this will represent 75% of all mobile traffic by 2020.

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