Why ‘common’ is good for IP Communications

A major request from operators to the GSMA is to help speed up the time to market for native All-IP communication devices and solutions. The quicker a new product or service can get to the market, the better it is for consumers and the more opportunities it gives to operators. There is no getting away from the fact that developing devices with native VoLTE and Rich Communication Services (RCS) services and integrating them into an operator’s network is a complex process, is time as well as resource consuming.

As part of the GSMA’s Network 2020 Programme, stimulated by operators and device OEMs, we are exploring ways in which we can speed up and simplify the route to market launches. One line of research is to look for topic areas where we can group technical activities together for coordinated development implementation and testing in order to deliver an advantage to the industry. An example of this is the focus on developing a RCS Common Core specification. The GSMA is also investigating other areas, including ensuring interoperability of the User Network Interface (UNI) for native VoLTE and RCS devices.

We are working closely with operators and OEMs at the moment, but it is too early to share any specific outcomes. If you have any observations to make in terms of a RCS Common Core spec or an interoperable UNI, please contact us.