MWC Shanghai 2018:RCS Operator Roundtable

Start: Thursday 28 June 2018 11:30 am

End: Thursday 28 June 2018 2:45 pm

Venue: Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

Venue: Hui Room, Level 2, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, Shanghai

The GSMA’s Future Networks Programme will be hosting the next RCS Operator Roundtable at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018. The Roundtable will bring together Operators who have launched, or are about to launch RCS, and those with an interest in providing this technology to their customers.

The RCS Roundtable will provide a platform for Operators to discuss the opportunities that RCS and RCS Business Messaging will bring to both Person-to-Person and Application-to-Person communications. It will give participants the opportunity to share lessons learned with their peers, and to explore the central role that Operators can play in the future of business messaging.

Finally, the Roundtable will encourage discussions surrounding the presentations and outcomes of both the RCS Business Messaging Lab and the RCS Seminar that will also be taking place at MWC Shanghai.

The first hour of the event will be for MNOs only. Vendors are invited to join for the second half and will be offered the chance to present their RCS offerings and answer questions from the Operators in the room.



Welcome and Introduction

Catherine Maguire, RCS Engagement Manager, GSMA


RCS Overview and Summary of Key Takeaways from MWC Shanghai

Catherine Maguire, RCS Engagement Manager, GSMA


Launching and Growing RCS:
A China Mobile Perspective



Launching and Growing RCS in Japan: Discussion on learnings from the +message launch

  • Promotion to end users
  • Client penetration
  • Business Messaging

KDDI/ NTT DoCoMo/Softbank


Discussion: What factors could contribute to RCS success in China?



Discussion: What messages do MNOs need to communicate to handset OEMs and vendors to ensure RCS support?



[With OEMs]

  • Clarification of MNOs commitment to RCS
  • Discussion of any issues from OEM side preventing incorporation of RCS clients in new and in-market devices


Wrap-up, Next Steps