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By Basil Byrne,
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By Joseph Tey
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Enterprises own and share accesses to more assets as the global sharing economy increases. Managing physical keys becomes a challenge among these enterprises especially when it comes to security, saving time and cutting costs. This is prevalent not just in Singapore but also globally as enterprises look to adopt a more efficient access control system.

Willowmore, a Singapore based company, provides an enterprise-grade multi-role access control management platform and smart padlock solution, to abolish the obsolete mechanical key system along with its inefficient costs and time used to manage physical keys. Willowmore provides a platform that gives managers a monitoring system with higher security over current access control management. The platform includes keyless smart locks with remote virtual keys, tracking capabilities, compiling of data, activity analysis, lock’s health, and operations. The benefits are numerous for all players inside an organisation and 3rd party users. Operators can get their failed sites back online faster to protect revenue and public scrutiny, while contractors can retrieve virtual keys in real time, get to work faster with reduced travel time whilst saving on fuel. With this transformation of manual to digitalisation, Willowmore provides a platform that greatly increases responsiveness, security and cost-savings.

The case-study shows an operator who owns approximately 15,000 sites, in a low-cost labour country in Asia, can save up to $9.7M in OpEX per annum. The system allows contractors to get to site faster, hence improves restoration time, network availability, customer satisfaction and revenue; on top of that no-show contractors will be tracked and identified.

3 Key differentiation points

Keyless smart padlocks:

  • No physical keys, which minimise duplication, lost keys. Instead, virtual keys are stored in a personal mobile application.
  • Real time access approval/denial.
  • Allows tracking of who accessed the sites, for how long, how often, why, and who granted accesses. Transformation of a manual management workflow with physical keys into a digital system.

Enterprise workflow:

  • We are experts in NOC, hence we build a workflow that supports it. Allows for the creation of multiple roles for organisations, managers, 3rd party contractors, allows corporations to track the details of each access (operation location, lock’s location, lock’s battery life, time of access etc.)
  • Integrating task and access management system, which allows corporations to analyse the task’s frequency performed on each site; and benchmark productivity among other contractors or technicians. Our product works offline and comes with a unique “picture verification” feature which assures you that your property is locked securely.

Data and action:

  • Track activities, trace accountabilities and search for historical data in a second.
  • Benchmark contractor’s productivity by comparing different contractors’ frequent visits, tasks and time spent per task. Operator can also use this time duration feature to negotiate with 3rd party service provider based on performance.
  • With this data, we believe that we can help to reduce field service cost and insurance premium by proving that the operators and service providers take extra steps.

Willowmore’s expertise is grounded in telecommunication infrastructure, initially focussed on the Telco Industry in Asia Pacific region, in particular in Singapore, ASEAN countries and Australia. Willowmore plans to expand further into Asia Pacific, the U.S. and EU region within the next two years.

In the near future, Willowmore plans to expand its system by using its proprietary Sigfox-Bluetooth gateway and wireless-environmental-monitoring sensors along with the smart locks to provide operators with real-time tamper alarms and more information about the health of the assets including temperature, humidity, water, proximity and smoke. When it comes to saving and cutting costs, it is all about optimising effectively. To do this, the platform collect and analyse data with a supportive workflow that allows enterprises run their businesses efficiently.


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