Innovator Profile: Guavus

Guavus:  Empowering Service Providers, Enterprises and Partners with Advanced Big Data Analytics

Guavus is at the forefront of streaming big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning innovation. Guavus’s Reflex® platform can cut 85% of the cost and time required to develop big data, AI analytics applications. This through its design for real-time and near real-time streaming applications[1], which requires advanced analytics, very high scale and performance, rapid time to market, and mission-critical reliability in production. Guavus Reflex turns data into insights, decisions, and closed-loop actions in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

Reflex comprises of two major components. First, the creation of a big-data pipeline for leveraging best-of-breed open-source big-data components and integrating them into a hardened platform. The second is the Guavus Reflex Analytics Engine. The Analytics Engine starts from a comprehensive and extensible set of machine learning algorithms. To enable the Analytics Engine to draw logical inferences even when presented with previously unknown patterns of events, artificial intelligence, or ‘reasoning’ was added.

Key Features and Benefits for Operators

  • Enables operators and vendors to apply the latest machine learning and big data technologies to their business problems without requiring years of investment or a large staff,
  • Pre-integrates and enhances open source big data components for optimal performance,
  • Features 3 types of open application programming interfaces (APIs) for ingestion of high-speed data, connection to downstream apps and rapid development of new apps,
  • Delivers the high availability, non-single point of failure reliability missing from other analytics platforms,
  • Supports enterprise-critical infrastructure applications requiring to ingest and analysis of 5000TB of data per day,
  • Enables the right decisions at the right place and right time through distributed edge-analytics and near real-time processing,
  • Provides for rapid decisions and response, while reducing data transport and storage by up to 90%. Guavus Reflex® enables platform users to turn their own subject matter expertise into big data intelligent applications rapidly and easily.

Distributed Architecture Makes Analytics Faster and More Decisive

The Guavus Reflex distributed architecture is flexible and deployable in either a distributed or centralised model. Rather than transporting all the data back to a central site to be processed, Guavus’ platform is based on a distributed architecture for optimal handling of data from separate silos. Regional sites can have smaller implementations of Reflex running at each site, performing the same advanced analytics at the edge, in real-time.

By collecting data and analysing it at the edge, the amount of time needed to trigger closed-loop actions or act upon the insights is significantly reduced, removing workflow inefficiencies downstream. The contextualised data is sent back to a central site at regular intervals, aggregating the regional findings and drawing further conclusions, and initiating further automated actions if desired. Data can be stored in the Guavus platform or fed to a central data lake.

[1] Near Real Time Streaming is when speed is important, but processing time in minutes is acceptable in lieu of seconds

Figure 1: Reflex Programme 


Figure 2: Distributed Edge Analytics



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