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Paul Gowans
Director of Solutions Marketing Mobile & Enterprise, Viavi Solutions


Frank Mamani
Chief Technology Officer, LAtAm, Viavi Solutions

Creating Business Value through Content Delivery and Analytics

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Mobile operators worldwide struggle with managing the massive amount of content from Over The Top (OTT) traffic and the question burns—how does one optimise the network for all content types and ensure customers have an exceptional Quality of Experience QoE—all while enabling new revenue streams. With the 5G deployments on the rise, there has never been a more important time for mobile Operators to analyse their Economic Model.

The adage of “Know Your Customer” continues to be a crucial, guiding factor. Operators must understand what service customers are getting and ask the questions: is the service better in some locations compared to others and do particular applications work better than others? Content is what subscribers consume—and understanding where and what that content is, along with knowing the quality of the service, is the factor that can drive demands and improve services. Take video, for example. With the rise of services such as Netflix and other video streaming platforms highlighted in Figure 1 below, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are taking original website media and copying it across hundreds of servers worldwide to avoid delay and latency in content delivery.

Figure 1 – NITRO Mobile – Volume by service category VIDEO STREAMING distribution in Latin America

América Móvil (NYSE: AMX), a leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Latin America, partnered with VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV), a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions, to analyse subscriber and application behaviour on their network. This enabled AMX to capture which applications are being used along with where they are used and the effect on the network, both in the RAN and the Core, with the driver to analyse trends, patterns and the associated economic value.

Replacement of Drive Test was one of many benefits AMX achieved from the VIAVI NITRO Mobile geolocation solution, allowing them to harness the power of subscriber insights, which led to the transformation of its network performance. Building on this, AMX leveraged NITRO Mobile User Plan Analytics to understand service usage and quality, enabling AMX to focus on both subscribers and the economic benefits of the many services being consumed. Additional benefits, which included economic analysis are:

Operator Costs: Up to 25% of total traffic is video, most of which is generated from various viral shows

New Revenue Streams: Operator CDNs can help manage traffic and develop subscriber bundles

Better QoE: Visibility of applications and locations delivers network optimisation, resulting in improved QoE

Reduction in RF Optimisation: Optimised clusters in high-value services are used to reduce Radio Frequency (RF)

Data Monetisation: Anonymised and aggregated geolocated insight can be used to drive marketing campaigns

For deeper insights, read the full Case Study which highlights the data gathered to address OpEx and CapEx issues as well as drive new revenue streams while improving subscriber QoE.  We also invite you to contact us directly for more information.


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