GSMA Launches Open Gateway Challenge: A New Frontier in Innovation

The GSMA, the global organization representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Open Gateway Challenge, a pioneering initiative aimed at recognizing and rewarding groundbreaking innovations. This challenge is part of the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, which are widely regarded as within the industry.


Introducing the Open Gateway Challenge

In celebration of the 29th edition of the GLOMO Awards, the GSMA has unveiled the Open Gateway Challenge.

This new award aims to encourage innovation and creativity by rewarding developers who utilize public CAMARA APIs to create commercial cloud-based services. The challenge seeks solutions that leverage multiple APIs from one or many mobile operators, cater to local and/or international markets, and demonstrate significant business value in specific vertical industries such as FinTech and Automotive.


The Prize: A Gateway to Success

The winning company of the Open Gateway Challenge will receive a range of prestigious benefits, including:

  • Listing on the GLOMO Awards website as a winner.
  • Invitation to receive the winner’s trophy on stage at the GLOMO Awards Ceremony during MWC Barcelona 2024.
  • Inclusion in a press announcement.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the team to create original content shared through relevant GSMA channels.
  • Introduction to the Conference Content team responsible for programming the GSMA event series, including MWC Las Vegas, MWC Africa, MWC Shanghai, MWC Kigali, and the M360 Series.
  • Mentions on MWC Barcelona’s official social media channels.


How to Enter the Open Gateway Challenge

To participate in the Open Gateway Challenge, developers are encouraged to use public CAMARA APIs to create innovative cloud-based services. The solutions should utilize multiple APIs from mobile operators, address local and/or international markets, and demonstrate tangible business value in specific vertical industries like FinTech and Automotive.


For those seeking guidance, Nokia provides various projects that can serve as inspiration for submissions.

Get inspiration

Additionally, a test bed will be available from mid to end October for developers who wish to further test their ideas. For more details about the challenge and how to enter, interested parties can contact or visit the Open Gateway Challenge website.

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Open Gateway Challenge Sponsorship

The Open Gateway Challenge is proudly sponsored by Nokia, a global leader in telecommunications, technology, and innovation. Nokia’s support underscores the importance of fostering creativity and driving technological advancements in the digital landscape.

The GSMA is excited to witness the innovative solutions that will emerge from the Open Gateway Challenge and looks forward to recognizing the outstanding contributions of developers in shaping the future of the digital industry. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting challenge unfolds.


Closing date

Entries close November 23rd, 2023.