Nokia joins Open RAN Policy Coalition

Nokia has become the first of the world’s three largest telecoms equipment vendors to join a new open RAN lobby group. Launched in early May with more than 30 members from across the ecosystem, the Open RAN Policy Coalition aims to influence and promote government policies that support open and interoperable network solutions. This includes the work of groups such as the GSMA, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and the O-RAN Alliance – as highlighted the open networking ecosystem press release issued by the GSMA last week. In joining the new body,

Nokia is keen to dispel the notion that next-generation networks will involve a binary choice between ‘traditional’ vendors and new suppliers; it considers there to be common ground on which coalition members and policymakers can build on to support the development of the ecosystem. Nokia is already an active member of the O-RAN Alliance (as is Ericsson). The opening and virtualising of mobile networks is an important industry conversation, particularly in terms of diversifying supply chains and enabling operators to deploy 5G networks in the most cost-efficient and expeditious way.

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