Powered by SA: 5G LAN support for IoT in Cloud Office

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 | 5G | Resources |

Powered by SA: 5G LAN support for IoT in Cloud Office image

With the development of mobile communications, the share of mobile access in enterprise office systems has expanded and digital services have become increasingly fragmented. Branch offices and employees need systems that are flexible, cross-regional, secure, trusted and interoperable.

Currently, in central offices, a large number of traditional devices are connected via Wi-Fi and access the enterprise network through fixed network access. At the same time, there are a large number of portable devices which access the enterprise network via the mobile network.

5G LAN technology can be applied to connect enterprise headquarters and branches, interwork mobile terminals and fixed terminals, mobile terminals communicating directly via user planes, local shunting. Find out how China Mobile can apply 5G LAN technology to the enterprise cloud office networks, which can save costs and improve economic benefits for the enterprise campus.