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Charting the Course to 5G

Set to arrive within the next three years, 5G could account for as many as 1.2 billion connections by 2025. By then, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound.

5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible. 5G Networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user.

Working closely with the mobile operators pioneering 5G, the GSMA is engaging with governments, and vertical industries including automotive, financial services, healthcare providers, transport operators, utilities and other industry sectors to develop business cases for 5G.

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5G Consumer Use Cases





Uses 5G to provide advanced features such as 3D viewing and different perspective views of live match.






Uses 5G to enjoy VR contents anywhere anytime.







Uses 5G to provide realistic AR services such as the virtual zoo.



Live Performances




Uses 5G to enable extremely high quality performance / music videos.



Game Streaming




Uses 5G to process games on the cloud and stream to / receive input from users.







Uses 5G to enable many people to sing-a-long simultaneously online.



5G News

Why Invest in 5G? The Key Industry Debate at Mobile World Congress

Why invest in 5G? This question was considered by our panellists at yesterday’s industry seminar – ‘5G – Beyond Technology into Business Impact’ – where attendees discussed the business challenges involved in rolling out 5G technology at scale. As Adam Koeppe, ...

In the fast lane to safer roads

Silicon Valley and automotive giants are speeding towards a future of connected, autonomous cars. 5G will have a critical role to play in enabling these cars to be smart. Software companies and car manufacturers are not the only stakeholders with an interest in connected ...

New report: The 4G Broadcasting Opportunity

By Michele Zarri, Technical Director, GSMA The LTE Broadcast Opportunity The GSMA has released a new report today called ‘The Broadcast Opportunity’ highlighting how mobile network operators can take advantage of a broadcast technology called ‘Evolved Multicast Broadcast ...

*NEW* GSMA 5G Report now available

5G is more than just a generational step; it represents a fundamental transformation of the role that mobile technology plays in society. As demand for continuous connectivity grows, 5G is an opportunity to create an agile, purpose-built network tailored to the different ...

The 5G Era will bring boundless connectivity and intelligent automation

Henry Calvert, Senior Director  Head of Network 2020 Mobile technology’s effect on society will get dramatically more beneficial if we allow 5G’s abundant connectivity and intelligence to improve the world, argues Henry Calvert, Senior Director, Head of Network 2020, GSMA. ...

Rooplay: Mobile gaming gets a boost with 5G

Cloud games  developer Rooplay is  demonstrating  how 5G  could  enable  a new  generation of mobile gaming by delivering a continuous, consistent high-speed connection with low-latency. As  a  proof-of-concept,  Rooplay  compares  the  experience of  playing  a  Formula  1  ...

University of Surrey: On the road to 5G

University of Surrey’s Professor Rahim Tafazolli argues 5G success depends on cross-industry collaboration The 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey has researched how 5G will create multiple options for the automotive industry through its network sliced ...

Verizon: “Expect major 5G advances in 2017”

Expect major 5G advances in 2017 from the US mobile giant, including wireless home broadband Verizon is rolling out fixed wireless broadband pilots in 11 cities in the US and is commercially piloting a range of schemes. The Verizon briefings could prove the best source of ...

SMS reinvents itself with RCS, 5G and 4G connected street furniture to be showcased at the GSMA Innovation City

Mobile networks are undergoing the most fundamental transformation in a generation. Advanced Messaging through RCS and an emerging 5G have the potential to enable services which vastly improve the customer experience and support the rise of new technologies. Significant ...

Next Generation Mobile Networks will be the Centerpiece of Mobile World Congress 2017

For some time, All-IP Communications and 5G have been two of the most widely discussed and anticipated technologies in the mobile industry. Following a year of significant progress in both fields, the industry is now in a position to unveil the latest capabilities and ...

Poll: Why is 5G a Game Changer?

5G will greatly enhance connectivity and has the potential to enable a raft of new technologies and services. In our latest poll, let us know what you think will be greatest impact of  5G. Find out more about 5G in our seminar 5G – Beyond Technology into Business ...

5G is becoming clearer – update from the NGMN conference

By Michele Zarri, Technical Director – Networks, GSMA   GSMA’s Network 2020 programme was invited to speak at the recent NGMN conference on ‘5G: Status of Demand and Delivery’ in Frankfurt. The conference brought the industry together to discuss what 5G is, and to ...

Have your 5G say in the world’s most sought after mobile awards

Mark Smith, Marketing Director, GSMA I’m very excited to highlight the addition of a new award to the 2017 Global Mobile Awards’ ‘Best Mobile Technology’ category; ‘Outstanding Contribution for LTE Evolution to 5G’. This new award is your chance to highlight 5G game changing ...

Five Things You Wanted to Know about 5G, But Never Dared to Ask

David Hutton, Director of Technology, GSMA The web is awash with information about what 5G will deliver: extraordinarily fast broadband, highly responsive connectivity, ultra dense clusters of connections and so on. But amid all the buzz, some key questions are rarely ...

The Next Leap for LTE

Michele Zarri, Technical Director, GSMA How the evolution of 4G will transform the mobile industry With 5G generating so much buzz, it is easy to overlook the groundbreaking services being enabled by the evolution of 4G. Between now and 2020, the year when 5G is scheduled to ...

Vendors set out on 5G journey

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO: Speakers from Cisco, Ericsson and Qualcomm reflected on the scale of change to networks required in the future shift to 5G. Jose Ayala (pictured), Ericsson’s head of government and industry relations for Latin America, ...

Software is Eating the Mobile World

Michele Zarri, Technical Director, GSMA Software defined networking enables connectivity to be customised One-size-fits-all connectivity will soon be a thing of the past. The mobile industry is on the cusp of a new era in which operators will be able to dynamically adapt and ...

Bringing Broadcast to Mobile

Michele Zarri, Technical Director, GSMA New technologies can make mass content delivery cost-effective Although mobile networks were originally developed for one-to-one communications, they have become important conduits for entertainment, information and software. People ...

Network 2020 at Mobile 360 Latin America

By Jill Cooper, Marketing Director, GSMA   The region’s transition to the world of advanced communications was explored at this year’s Mobile 360 – Latin America, which took place in Mexico City 20-22 September 2016. The three-day event hosted many of the continent’s ...

European Commission lays out 5G goal, promises less regulation

By 2025, all cities and transport links in the EU should have uninterrupted 5G coverage, according to EC president Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union speech for 2016. In addition, Juncker unveiled the European Electronic Communications Code, including “forward-looking ...