Case Study: Caban Systems
January 17, 2019 Category: Infrastructure Sharing
Case Study: Cellnex
July 8, 2019 Category: Infrastructure Sharing
Infrastructure Sharing: An Overview
June 18, 2019 Category: Infrastructure Sharing GSMA Future Networks
This Online Document describes Infrastructure Sharing and why the GSMA is looking into this key topic as part of our Beta Labs workstream. You can comment or edit the document by logging in to your InfoCentre2 account now. ...
Case Study: Turkcell
January 15, 2019 Category: Infrastructure Sharing
The GSMA Network Economics model estimates that Turkcell’s energy-saving strategies have delivered between a CapEx avoidance of 1-2 % and an OPEX saving of 2-5%. This would result in an OPEX intensity (OPEX/Revenue) reduction of between 0.3–0.8% and a CAPEX intensity (CAPEX/Revenue) of 0.1-0.4%. ...
Case Study: Willowmore
January 9, 2019 Category: Infrastructure Sharing
The enclosed case study shows an operator who owns approximately 15000 sites, in low labour cost country in Asia, can save up to $9.7M in OpEX per annum. ...
Case Study: CCS
December 5, 2018 Category: Infrastructure Sharing CCS
CCS provides a self-organising mmWave wireless mesh network solution to provide a low-cost, last-mile backhaul in dense urban areas. This enables street-level connectivity at a suitable cost point and realizes a neutral host model: other operators can lease the infrastructure. ...