A golden opportunity to gain exposure for your connected project

From now until 1 September, applicants who submit their project to the GSMA Foundry are eligible for the GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards, which carries with it a unique opportunity to gain massive visibility at MWC Barcelona 24.

Getting exposure for any connected project can be tricky. No matter how technically accomplished your solution may be, there’s no guarantee it’ll get the attention it deserves. In some cases, despite all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it – success can often just be down to whether the right eyes are on something when it really matters.

In the tech world, if there’s such a thing as the right time and place, it’s at the industry’s biggest event, MWC. So, we’re delighted to confirm that any Foundry project that’s submitted by September 1 will also have a unique chance of entering the GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards. Hosted every year at MWC, the Awards are a unique opportunity to shine some extra light on the success of your project.

The Foundry is an industry community that can speed up project delivery times from years to months

The Foundry is designed to help companies of all sizes nurture their solution by connecting them quickly and efficiently to the right stakeholders – and then communicating their project’s value to the wider market. We work with projects at any stage, whether it’s a fledgling idea that needs to grow, or an existing product that could use some help achieving scale. Focusing on 5G, eSIM, IoT, smart mobility, drones, fintech, manufacturing, security, identity, data, energy efficiency and sustainability, the Foundry helps organisations find the right partner to help when and where they’re needed. Whether the missing link is connectivity provision or software for custom dashboards and data visualisation, the highly (and increasingly) specialised nature of our industry demands a collaborative ecosystem. This chimes with one of the main objectives of the industry – to accelerate the development and deployment of networks, and ultimately to increase the number of connected devices they support. In the last few years, we’re proud to have made a significant contribution to this goal via the GSMA Foundry.

Awards that give visibility to connected projects that make an impact

So far, the Awards have had real success in providing visibility to all manner of projects. We welcome any company that wishes to apply – applications are open from now until the end of September, and any project completed before the end of November has a chance of winning an award and a unique chance to gain publicity at the industry’s premier event. Winners will join our hall of fame, which for example includes this year’s 5G Catalonia project. Led by Cellnex, the project developed solutions for seven key 5G applications that will improve the lives of Barcelona’s inhabitants. Another winner in 2023 was the combined effort of Ericsson and TDC Net to create a 5G communication infrastructure for BVLOS drones.

Join our network of experts and accelerate your project’s delivery

For companies seeking to grow a unique idea in the wider IoT market, the Foundry is a special opportunity. Market success often means moving at speed, and that means sticking to what you’re good at and relying on expert support outside your core competency. The Foundry provides a simplified way for companies to do this and can help them achieve their vision of creating a lasting impact for the industry and society at large.

You can apply to join the Foundry by contacting us via our project submission page or by emailing us at foundry@gsma.com. Applications eligible for Excellence Awards at MWC Barcelona 24 must be submitted by September 1.